Wulf Kaal Joins ETHLend Advisory Board

Meet Wulf Kaal, Ph.D, one of ETHLend’s impressive advisors

Associate professor of the University of St Thomas School of Law, Wulf Kaals’ strong academic background and institutional knowledge aids us in our navigation through regulations and raises awareness of ETHLend.

Professor Wulf Kaal

Kaal has spent a year at Goldman Sachs Securities Division, where he worked with Foreign Exchange Trade Analysis. He has also had a Corporate Associate position at Cravath, Swaine and Moore, the leading law firm in New York. Kaal speaks regularly at leading conferences in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His speaking engagements include presentations at the European Central Bank, Harvard University, Columbia University, George Washington University and many others.

Kaal holds a Ph.D in Law & Economics from Humboldt University of Berlin, has an MBA in Finance and is a Juris Doctor. His background covers both the view on Common Law and Civil Law jurisprudence, which is an enormous asset for a project such as decentralized lending, which is not restricted by jurisdictions.

Blockchain technology requires an extensive amount of legal research. The ETHLend team believes that Kaal contributes to decentralized lending and that he is the right person to advise ETHLend towards a legally sound global lending market.

Additionally, Kaal is a leading expert of smart contracts, ICOs and dynamic regulatory methods. His role in advising crypto startups is focused on creating synergies for his clients and involved stakeholders (eg. Institutions, regulators, investors and academics).

We are very proud to have him on the team!

More advisors will be announced in the near future so stay tuned!

Professor Wulf Kaal Ph.D at Linkedin

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