ETHLend Talking Tokenization In Lending at the Blockchain Agora Paris

ETHLend Presenting Tokenization In Lending at the Blockchain Agora in Paris on 7 December 2017


The place to be to know everything about blockchain

Everyone talks about the blockchain … but this one remains largely mysterious, seemingly reserved for a cenacle of specialists and geeks. Indeed, as with any emerging sector, it is already subdivided into branches and sub-branches linked to competing technological choices. These are sometimes radically divergent, sometimes they offer only mere variants. These options in turn induce specific strategies and business models. Ecosystems are being born and organized.

It is urgent to demystify the blockchain, to update games of actors often erratic or made of duplicity … But beyond these necessary technological and strategic decryption, it is essential to grasp the blockchain by the disruptions it creates. Generating new uses and behaviors it upsets the economy of entire sectors. The blockchain allows to reinvent human transactions by appealing to the collective intelligence, the co-creation and the necessary confidence that it requires between people. The blockchain therefore also has major societal and civic impacts.

Following the Forum held in December 2017, the Blockchain Agora proposes to deepen the blockchain by proposing a global overview, accessible to non-specialist managers and highlighting all its stakes. It combines prospective reflections (keynote speeches, discussions at round tables) with workshops on applied domains, business meetings, pitches of startups.

In one day you will be able to:

  • Evaluate technologies
  • Decrypt the best uses and practices
  • Exchanges between peers and specialists
  • Meet the key players
  • Identify partners and providers

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